Dear Mr President / CEO

Please accept greetings from our Thailand office

We are a specialist Yarn & fiber Agency Company since 1982 & servicing customers in North & South America, Europe, Asia pacific through our own offices in Bangkok (Thailand), Mumbai (India), , Hongkong & Rep office In Sao paulo Brasil

We have strategic marketing alliance with leading producers to market their Yarns to overseas customers as follows

 Korean producer for supply of Polyester DTY+HOY+POY +FDY
( also low melt FDY  used in curtains , filters, shoe uppers ) 
No Anti dumping duty applicable for exports to USA/ Europe

China producer for high tenacity polyester & nylon filament yarns mainly used for car seat belts and covers

Indonesian producer for Polyester filament flame retardant yarns & Biodegradable yarns & mattress ticking
 India producer for 100% wool yarn and blends
Korean producer for acrylic yarn on worsted System
Indonesia  producer for ITY yarn 2 steps & dope dyed filament yarns
China producer for PVA Yarns used in Towel
China producer for Nylon monofilament yarn used 0n high speed warp knitting m/cs for tights, leggings & mosquito nets
China producer for Recycled Polyester DTY ( filament yarn )
Indian producer for Rayon filament yarns
Indian producer for 100% Cotton combed gassed mercerised yarns used In Socks knitting
Indian / Indonesia producer for Nylon filament yarns ( POY +DTY ). Also recycled
Indonesia producer for Dope dyed DTY used in automotive, carpets, & apparels
Indonesian producer for Polyester spun multifold yarns for industrial use IE.  sewing thread, ropes etc

Besides we can offer following yarns from leading & dependable manufacturers in Korea , Vietnam , China , Indonesia, India & Pakistan

.         100% Cotton Combed / Carded Yarns - including multifold(Ring  
           Spun/Open End)
.         Cotton combed gassed mercerized yarns in raw white or dyed
.         Polyester Cotton Blended or CVC(Ring Spun)
 .        Viscose Spun yarns RS or OE ECRU or dyed
.         Polyester Spun Yarns ECRU or dyed including multifold
.         Polyester Viscose Blended ECRU or dyed
.         Silk yarns
.         100% Wool yarns  /  Poly wool yarns
.         Polyester Filament Yarns-POY,FDY DTY,ATY,HOY as   
           ECRU or dyed
.         Air covered yarns
.         Nylon6 and 66 Filament Yarns-POY,FDY, DTY, ETY as
           ECRU or dyed
.         Nylon Bonded Yarn
.         Metallic Yarn
.         Polyester or Nylon Monofilament
.         100% Acrylic Yarns -regular/bulk, ECRU/dyed
.         Spandex
.         PBT / PTFE / Aramid Yarns
.         PVA Yarns for towel, socks end use
.         Polyester / Nylon / Polypropylene High Tenacity
          Filament Yarns
.         Rayon Filament Yarns
.         Chenille yarns
.         Rubber threads
.         Polyester flame retardant yarns
.         Recycled DTY Yarns & chips
.         Recycled Yarns for gloves & Mop
.         Anti bacterial fiber & yarns
.         bio degradable Polyester filament yarns


.               Polyester Staple Fibre including Polyester fiberfill 
                for needle punch /spun bond
.               Viscose Staple Fiber including VSF for nonwoven application
.               Regenerated polyester fiber
.               Polypropylene fiber
.               Raw Cotton
.               Comber  noil & soft cotton waste
.               Recycled PSF with GRS certificate

Please send us your enquiries for our most competitive offers.

Kindly note once prices and quality are in agreement, you will pay advance TT or open L/C direct on our producers favor ( not us )

You will always benefit from our association as we have good reputation in servicing customers world wide for many years now


Best regards-Andy
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